Siddhi Solar PV modules




Our solar modules are composed of solar cells with high conversion efficiency, EVA sheet, Solar glass and Tedlar (TPT) back sheet compounded from fluoro-plastic and dacron. The module adopts reliable welding technology and high-vacuum heating lamination process and is equipped with anticorrosion-treated aluminum alloy frame and watertight terminal box. According with IEC61215 and CE and ISO9000 standard As a result, it takes on a rational structure, and has an ultraviolet aging resistance and wind resistance of up to 2400Mpa (see figure S-85C)

Siddhi Solar Home Lighting System



Siddhi Solar Home Lighting System is a unique lighting solution for homes, especially in rural regions where there is insufficient grid power. For dwellings in urban regions and cities looking forward to reduce their power bills and adopt smart energy savings for their homes, our solar home lighting system is a stand-alone solution. Solar Home lighting has enabled many villages, particularly remote tribal and hilly areas to have access to power. It consists of CFL / LED lamp, DC Fan, battery, control electronics, Solar Photo Voltaic Module, Mounting structure and associated hardware.

Siddhi Solar Street Lighting



Siddhi solar street lights/lamps are used to provide sustaining lighting for highways, main roads, avenues, main urban streets, and other applications that need high intensity of lighting at night. Our modern solar street lights are using LED light fixtures as lighting sources, which provide an excellent and reliable source of lighting while consuming much less electricity. Thus, our solar street lights battery will last longer. Moreover, LEDs provide better brightness than any other light bulb and divide evenly the light within its area.

Siddhi Solar Water Pump



A solar-powered pump is a pump running on electricity generated by photo voltaic panels or the radiated thermal energy available from collected sunlight as opposed to grid electricity or diesel run water pumps.The operation of solar powered pumps is more economical mainly due to the lower operation and maintenance costs and has less environmental impact than pumps powered by an internal combustion engine (ICE).

Siddhi Solar Water Heater



Solar Water Heating System is one of the most popular solar devices among the people. This is one application home and commercial establishments have used extensively to provide non-stop running hot water. It is easy to install and long lasting device. Solar water heating system converts sunlight into heat energy and transfers the same to a stored water supply. This heats up the water in the stored water supply..

Types Of Solar Collector

Flat-plate collectors

This type of solar water heating system employs a flat plate collector. This type of system consists of a flat box with a absorbent plate covered by transparent and toughened glass shields. Insulating is provided at the bottom and sides of flat plate collectors to reduce heat loss.

Evacuated-Tube Collectors

This type of solar water Heating System consists of evacuated-tubes which are used to collect solar energy. This type of collectors consists of rows of transparent glass with a metal absorbed on the inside. The metal fin is used to absorb heat from the sun while preventing the heat from escaping the system.

Siddhi Solar Torch & Larten


A solar lamp also known as solar light or solar lantern, is a lighting system composed of an LED lamp, solar panels, battery, charge controller and there may also be an inverter. The lamp operates on electricity from batteries, charged through the use of solar photovoltaic panel.

Solar-powered household lighting can replace other light sources like candles or kerosene lamps. Solar lamps use renewable energy with infinity supply which is cheaper than standard lamps. In addition, solar lamps reduce health risk as kerosene lamps have a bad impact on human health. However, solar lamps may have higher initial cost, are weather dependent.