Siddhi Solar Home Lighting System

Siddhi Solar Home Lighting Systems are the perfect compact solution for an independent power supply in remote locations where electricity is unavailable, unreliable or expensive. All systems are professionally designed for lighting purpose.

Siddhi Solar Home Lighting System (SSHLS) harnesses the sun’s energy to light up your home with benefits that extend both to your wallet and to the environment, Siddhi Solar Home Lighting System is not only an Innovative creation but also a wise one. The Siddhi Solar Home Lighting System, compact, portable and easily mountable, is an economical solution to all your power problems and comes in an easy-to-install kit.


Feature of Siddhi Solar Home Lighting System

  • Highly efficient PWM charge controller
  • Three step charging algorithm
  • Elegant and efficient luminaries
  • Temperature compensated battery set points
  • Safe & easy to install
  • Free from noise, smoke and pollution Available in different configurations
  • Available in different configurations
  • Battery status indication
  • Micro-Controller Based Circuit
  • Hi-Strength Polymer casing
  • 15-10hour Long back-up
  • Light source either wall mounted or ceiling mounted
  • Controller have protection like- over charge, deep discharge, reverse polarity, short circuit etc.



  • Houses
  • Huts and Cottages
  • Clinics
  • Schools/Collage/Hospitals
  • Holiday Resorts
  • Offices
  • Banks
  • Other Indoor Applications
  • Hotels


  • Economical: Since the sun provides energy free of charge, you enjoy 30% power savings on your electricity bills and a longer back up lighting system at zero running cost.
  • Non-Polluting: Powered by the sun’s renewable energy, the system is energy neutral and an absolutely clean source of illumination.
  • Easy to Handle: Simple installation and easy operation.
  • Service Excellence: Excellent on – site service.


Other Accessories
  •  Mounting structure
  • Cables
  • Battery Enclosure
  • Optional DC fan